29 July 2009

A Funk

Time for more "Bad Stream of Consciousness Poetry as a form of Therapy."

by Rowena (please, hold your applause.)

Jill of all trades. Master of none.

If my hair were longer, it would be in a bun.

I mopped the floor. It's dirty again.

Laundry. Mothering. Yoga. Zen.

In a camera and photo funk.

Feeling like my writing's junk.

Wishing for sharper quilting skillz.

Wishing someone else would cook our meallz.

In Utah, that last line isn't slant rhyme.

I speak local dialect most of the time.

I picked up the front room. It's dirty again.

Laundry. Mothering. Yoga. Zen.

Swimming with sister at the city pool.

Keeping children and tempers cool.

I washed all the clothes. They're dirty again.

Laundry. Swimming. Laundry. Again.


Marie Loves Ben said...

Rowena. Your pain.
I feel just the same, Mother.
Housework must now die.

That Haiku was completely free. I won't charge you at all!

Marie Loves Ben said...

i have been looking at your good fun blogs the last few visits, thinking "wow, it must be so amazing to make it to a cool blog on JENNY'S blog" (really stress the JENNY when you say this, it infuses you with coolness). oddly, i even dreamed about it last night -- that i was on your blog and saw MY blog on your cool list. this is true. i told my mother about it today.
thank you, all my dreams have come true for at least the next week.

i am now done. you can clean the slobber off of you now. SWEET!

amy said...

I have a non-sexual crush on you. Like the one I have on Dolly Parton. And Nader.

Queen Elizabeth said...

That must be published! (Yes, exclamation point!)

I feel your pain. You are amazing - know that and prosper.

Jessi said...

I think you should send that into the Ensign. I'm sure they would publish it.

msjvd said...

Jen, I think your writing has reached a new plateau with this piece.


msbadspellerauntie said...

....which is why I don't have to take reasonable care about my spelling just now.

Dansie Family said...

master of many, you meant to say.

sammygrace said...

I love it. times ten.

Amy Huntington said...

I love it! You are so silly. :)

Cory Reese said...

For the record - you have the best articles in the Hurricane newspaper. The two I read today were awesome. We thought the same thing about the Hurricane City Pool.

Mothers should revolt against plastic swimming diapers as a way to stick it to the man.

Jen said...

Thanks for the Haiku, Marie. I am proud to have you on my sidebar in addition to my list of 40-something blogs I follow.

Amy, I have a similar crush on you. My celebrity one is Shannon Hale.

Thanks, Cory. I am pleased with any opportunity to stick it to the man. We swam plastic pants-less at my sister's just this week. Bahahaha.

The Rookie said...

Is it sacrilege if I worship you just a little bit?