02 July 2009

More Pictures

This is how we look in front of the Santa Barbara mission.
This is how Henry looks when I shoot a picture over my shoulder as he sleeps on me in a back pack.

This is how Alex looks when he tries to smile although he has been very, very seasick for some time.

This is how Graciela looks when she is showing me the love of her life (for the day): a seashell.

This is how Henry looks when he is plotting to exercise his immune system by eating sand.


Dansie Family said...

great family pics. i miss santa barbara. we were thinking of going to the beach this summer, but who knows. i guess i just have to live it through your pics.

The Lemmon's said...

What a fun vacation! I love the beach!! You do have a really cute family.

Tink said...

Ahh. The beach! I love the beach!

msjvd said...

Henry loves dirt. You have to face this fact now. It's just who he is.

Henry is The Dirt... The Dirt is Henry.

The End.

msjvd said...

(Btw, Alex, I got slightly nauseated out kayaking over Memorial Day. They said "watch the horizon" and also had me start paddling again. Combination helped. Were you maybe taking too many pictures?)

champy said...

Absolutely too many pictures. Had to stand on the bow of the boat the whole time and look through a viewfinder. Not a happy combination.

The Rookie said...

Loveliest family in a loveliest location. Glad you got away for a while.