26 August 2009

Bikes, etc.

I got a new bike today. After Alex re-assembled it (bikes fit in Corolla trunks if you take the tires off—did you know?) I took it for another test ride. It is apparently an automatic, in that it changes gears when it thinks it should rather than when I tell it to. Still, a bike is better than no bike. Now I just have to get a helmet, which will probably cost 50% of the $30 I paid for the bike.

Alex told me to blog today, but I said I had nothing to say. I may never have to say anything on this blog again because I am still floating around on the cloud of happiness that appeared when her gloriousness so kindly bestowed a precious comment on my blog.

In fact, while I was plotting moving into their ward so I could make their children my primary chorister's pets today, Alex said, "Can I back-seat drive in your worshipping? It's time to put on the brakes."

All I have to say is, "NEVER!"


the talbots said...

Where in the world did you get a bike for $30? I am jealous!!! Have fun!!!

Jen said...

My sister Sara, who is a craigslist junkie, found it for me. I got it from a lady in St. George, and after riding it, I'd say it's worth about $25, but it had a kid seat with strap on the back, so I'm not feeling gypped.

Marti said...
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msjvd said...




Dansie Family said...

love to go for a ride with you.

myimaginaryblog said...

I have an old bike I need to sell on Craigslist. Some time. And then I want to buy one of those fancy retro cruisers.

I just caught up on all your posts I hadn't read and watched the Subway hike video. Wow, that was impressive. I think I'd even like to do something like that, someday, if I had someone to manage all the rope stuff and reassure me that I wouldn't die (and hopefully not send rocks falling towards my head.) I need to find your Hurricane Times post because I'd enjoy reading more details. (I'll have to try to remember to look for it later, though, because right now I need to make lunch for the kids.)