02 August 2009

Brave. Dumb. Sometimes They're the Same.

I have accepted the position of vice-president of my quilt guild this year. This means that I will be the president next year, so I thought I would ask my awesome bloggy peanut gallery which of these ideas sound like the most fun?

Yoga teacher, talking about ways to stretch to rid tension while quilting.

Tips for photographing your quilt

Quilter quiz show, where you break into teams and everyone brings a piece of fabric. Winning answers to questions earn pieces of fabric from the other team, and whichever team runs out of fabric first loses. Winning teams then divide fabric amongst themselves.

Design game with paper bags full of triangles, squares, etc, and then another bag with numbers. Draw a number and some shapes, then design a block.

UFO (unfinished object) challenge in January, with follow-up late in the year including certificates of completion.

New Year's Resolution and follow-up. During follow-up in the fall, we would bring evidence of keeping the resolution (pic of clean sewing area or the finished quilt) and tell our story. If you don't keep the resolution, you have to bring a fat quarter, and we'll have a drawing amongst the resolution-keepers to win the fabric.

Plain old social hour.

Ugly fabric show and tell.

College textile professor to talk about brass tacks of fabric.

Any other great ideas you have? I have again fallen in love with the all-knowing google doing the homework for this one.

Here are some other projects I found along the way that I would like to do in the spare time I won't have next year:

Bath-time puppets These would be an Easy, Fun, Inexpensive (EFI) baby gift.

Aquarium magnets These would also be an EFI gift for someone who likes the ocean.

Beach Towel Poncho This would be most convenient and stylish for the pool or beach.

Most of the crafts I liked and want to try (even though I in no way embrace my own craftiness) were found at 30 Days, and most of the fun guild ideas came from the well of fabulous guild information at Quilt Guild Guide. (Try saying that five times fast.)


msjvd said...

You left out the funnest one: make a quilt for your far away relative who misses you and Grace and Henry and Alex very much.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Simply, Sarah said...

I like the ugliest fabric show.

If you want more than "just" a social hour, I like the quiz show idea, with the exchanges of fabric.

The ideas were fun. Good luck with your responsibilities:)

Jill said...


Kimi said...

I'm all about the ugly fabric thing. Besides you could do an ugly fabric exchange cause you know one man's trash is another man's treasure

Lori said...

I like the Yoga idea, because it's really important when you are doing repetitive movements to keep out the tension. It can lead to problems later on down the road. The quiz show would be fun. I also think that the resolution thing would help motivate some people, not all, but a good few.

The Rookie said...

Oooh, a quilting guild! All ideas seem clever to me!

Dansie Family said...

great ideas! maybe i will actually have time to go next year. i can't wait.

potsandpins said...

I love the ideas - am going to steal a few for my quilt group - I especially like the ugly fabric one...I could go on for hours with the crappola I've got in my stash! About a trunk show - I would love to come and do one for whatever your rate is...I'm easy so we can make it work. xo, Nan

Cory Reese said...

My vote would also be a contest for the ugliest quilt ever. Ugly often transforms into awesome. Just look at my car.

The Yoder's Three said...

I like the design a square game, UFO challenge, and of course the ugly fabric show and tell. All the ideas are genius, really.

Jessi said...

All of the above, but especially the yoga. Yoga is awesome.