21 August 2009

My Stunning Deb-Youtube

Rather than write a long post about our Subway adventure, which I already did at my Hurricane Times blog, I will just use Alex's youtube video to share our awesome experience in greater detail, and living color.

Alex would like me to give the video this shameless plug: Visit the video at Youtube! Rate it! Comment on it! Share it with your friends! It will come up faster in the search results! And Alex will be rich and famous and take me with him!

No, I'm not selling out. He already gave me all of his money anyway.


Jillybean said...

Really cool video!
However, I have to admit that the whole time I was watching this, all I could think was "I wonder how they kept the camera dry?"

msjvd said...

Very cool video! The scenery was grand and I liked the casual interviews done, as well. Nice style to it.