17 August 2009

Song for a Departing Friend

We had such fun together,
Oh, we had such fun.

We conquered mountains together,
Oh, we had such fun.

I never knew how much I loved you,
Until you decided to leave.

I loved you so.
I just didn't know.

I didn't know anything was wrong.
Oh, I had such fun.
I didn't know you were my treasured one.

But the weight on you was too hard. Too long.
Oh, you were the one.
You worked so hard,
I took you for granted.
The mountains were too high,
You decided to fly.

I didn't know anything was wrong.
And now you are gone.
And I have to wash dishes, one by one.

(Pretentious whispering) I miss you. I miss you.



amy said...

Life without a dishwasher is bleak and meaningless. I feel for you.

Kimi said...

I'm that crazy person who likes to wash dishes by hand. I know, right! I told you I was crazy. I hope your one true love is quickly replaced with a new and more exciting romance. Hopefully one you can get for a killer sale price.