07 August 2009


Alex and I hiked the subway in Zion yesterday. It was cold. It was hot. It was wicked awesome. The kind couple, Mike and Lindsay Q. Awesome, on the right, guided us through the arduous hike, saving our lives multiple times. Whereas we just managed to nearly kill Lindsay by knocking rocks down on her head. And by "we" I mean Alex, who was also holding a video camera, which was fortuitously pointing at me, and documents that I had just said, "Put the camera down. You're freaking me out!" in my most naggy wife voice. Look for more details on our awesome journey soon. Alex will be editing the video, and I will be linking or embedding.

For now, if you want a video, check out his Angel's Landing one during which no one was nearly killed by rock slides.


msjvd said...

So fun! Glad to see you getting poor Alex out of the house!

The Rookie said...

That video gave me vertigo. I love Zion NP, the Emerald Pools, the Narrows, all of it. But Angel's Landing is simply out of the question for me. My debilitating fear of heights is entirely illogical and entirely real.

Glad you had fun and survived Subway.

Jessi said...

What an adventure. I'm just a little bit jealous.

Dansie Family said...

glad you had fun and survived. tom and i have that exact same picture just with us in. i think the last time we hiked it was the weekend he proposed. wish we could have made it. maybe next time.