10 August 2009

Words of Caution

exhibit a.
1. Don't make the three-layer chocolate pie in exhibit a. It has over 600 calories per slice. Lucky for you, I am not at liberty to disclose the recipe.

exhibit b.
2. If you make and eat the pie, you will have to work out. Don't buy an absorbent sports bra and wear it to spin class, or you will have to walk out of the gym looking like exhibit b.

exhibit c.

3. Don't read your friend's brief but thoughtful post about truth, beauty, and love, or you might turn around and get to exercise your love for your son, who has been in the toilet paper because you left the hall closet open.


Jillybean said...

1. I now need some pie.
2. You're telling me not to work out? (twist my arm, twist my arm) OK, I won't
3. Seriously, can he be any cuter?

potsandpins said...

That does it...no more exercise for me! And please, post the recipe, really, what's ANOTHER 600 calories?!? That's only, what, 4 hours on the treadmill?! A fair price to pay...the toilet paper pic is hilarious...at least it was CLEAN toilet paper!

msjvd said...

1) That particular piece of pie wasn't really a piece at all. It was a sliver.

2) It could not possibly have had 600-odd calories in it because of item (1).

3) You should make the pie more frequently and give it Henry, who needs it. Those are very nutrient-dense calories.

And by the way, good color on that crust. You are doing well, Grasshopper!

Cory Reese said...

The picture of the shirt is one of the funniest things I've seen since Uncle Rico threw a steak at Napoleon.

Marie Loves Ben said...

oh, the bra! the bra just makes me happy.

The Rookie said...

Two out of those three pictures are hilarious. The other is just torturous.

600 calories? Maybe I'll just go have a 60 calorie pudding pack. Will that satiate me? It must.

Queen Elizabeth said...

That shirt is hilarious. What is it about toilet paper? I couldn't pull up the chocolate cake pic, so I clicked on it and Net Nanny said it was being blocked for "Violence". Hmmm... chew on that one for a while!?!

Bonnie said...

That is alot of calories!! Good thing you just did the subway. Your shirt is funny.

The Yoder's Three said...


Dansie Family said...

love the shirt. the pie made me want to eat another brownie with white chocolate caramel filling and dark chocolate ganache and candied pecans. recipe will be coming shortly. i have always wanted to enter the peach days contest, but haven't had the courage or a good peach recipe. one day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Sorry to have been part of the cause of this. (Although, really, on the scale of possible kid messes, shredded toilet paper is pretty tame.)