09 September 2009

Anger and Some Math

I am angry at the government today because:

1. Taxes. Hey even in non-tax season it's a good thing to be angry about. Grace is at pre-school. Henry was an angel this morning. I have to be angry about something. It's who I am.

2. Taxes. Yep, it's worth two. I wrote a tirade about it, then deleted it. Who wants to read a tirade about tax anger?

3. Our billion page tax code: written in a language that is not intelligible to people who have degrees in English, and dreams of Masters Degrees in English. (Last night, seriously I dreamed I was going back to school! And I wasn't naked. I was becoming a writer.)

4. E. Timor aid. $8,000 a person ought to do more that what it has done. Hello!

5. Cap and Trade + our city-owned utilities + Utah's heavily coal-powered energy infrastructure = Possibly doubled power bill in my future. Swamp cooler is looking sexier by the day. (Alex don't read anything into that. You know there was never anything between me and Swampy.)

There. I feel much better. I hope you do, too. Time to balance the checkbook. Yaaaaaay!


The Yoder's Three said...

Taxes are doing nothing for my peace of mind right now. I love how on Mark's pay stubs, we can see that almost 50% of his income has gone straight to the government since he started his new job. We had BETTER get some of it back on our tax return, &^%$*# it!!!

PS. I frequently have dreams about going back to school, and although I've never been naked in them, I've almost always had some huge research paper due that I hadn't even started on yet. Shudder...

Jesse said...

Are there any online Universities that allow for Master's in English?

msjvd said...

Uh oh! Taxes! That's why you're getting that little line between your eyebrows?

Are they really worth it?

angela michelle said...

tell us how you feel, sister!

Anonymous said...

I'm good at feeling angry--but unfortunately it does not make me feel good. Makes me grumpy. Or maybe it's that when I'm grumpy I cast about for something to be angry about (and inevitably find plenty.) I'll have to remember your list next time I feel like stewing and steaming.