17 September 2009

Another Opportunity to Vote before November

Okay friends. I am considering entering Nicole C. Hill Gerulat's self portrait challenge. We had a shoot tonight, and I'd like your thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations, or maybe just thoughts on these pictures. I'll now share mine.
I like the shape of my face in this picture. However, you cannot see my face. Maybe that is why I like this picture. Also, it looks like I am a background thing and the portrait is actually of the sunflower. This me/background thing portrays me accurately, because I am more of a background person.

This was my vision of myself: a strange happy woman in a velvet chair in a field of sunflowers, destined to be destroyed in the name of bio-diesel while reading a book by Shannon Hale and clinging to my latest unfinished quilting creation. Maybe I won't be actually destroyed to become bio-diesel, but I do read and quilt. And I am weird.
This picture also reveals on a subtle level that I am nothing without my Alex, who lovingly placed the chair for me. The picture is over-exposed, and also it is from the wrong side of my nose. That side of my nose makes me look like a witch. My nose is crooked from a football accident in college. Overall, I look like a badly posed ninny. There is also something else wrong with this picture, but I can't put my finger on what it is.

I like the light. I like the exposure. I like that a small hair is flying and backlit. I often feel that my flaws are magnified in public embarrassing ways, and I'm okay with it. Again with the wrong side of the nose. It looks like my face is made of play-doh, and someone smooshed the nose to the side. Biggest flaw: from the chin down I look like a green misshapen lump. Perhaps some careful cropping?

I love this one, because it's on the correct nose side, and because right now the most comforting aspect of my identity is that I relish playing with my small children more than I relish scrubbing floors, toilets, under the front of the fridge, etc. However, I don't know if it would be a cop-out to rely on Grace's cuteness. And there is that one fly-away hair. And my bangs weren't really being team players.
Be brutal. (But not too brutal. I'm very sensitive.)


Kimi said...

Brutally honest...I must disagree. I like the one where you look like a "badly posed ninny". Seriously. I want someone to take my picture like that...and then maybe put it on the back of a book cover. *please don't wake me from my dream world*

Marie Loves Ben said...

wow... and i thought the vicious self thoughts only ran around in my head! i love them all. no, seriously. my second fave is the one with grace. you look so happy and relaxed. my MOST fave is the chair and book in the sunflowers. it speaks "jenny," my girl. i like it. i like it a lot.

Jessi said...

I can't choose a favorite. They are all beautiful. (And make me wonder why you are trying to lose weight. You look great.)

Jessica said...

I liked them all..Loved the one with Grace...The one with you sitting in the chair is a good one...The only thing that would have made the sunflower one better is if you would have had a giant sunflower hair clip in and then you could have titled it "Where's Jenny?" I don't think your nose makes you look like a witch or your face look like play dough. I do think we need to hang out more, that is the truth!!

Marti said...

Picture 1: You look more like Sara than yourself.

Picture 2: A touch overexposed, you are improperly framed (your shoe is almost out of frame) and you'd have to explain what the quilting is. I had to really look and if I had not known that particular block, it would not have been decipherable.

Picture 3: No.

Picture 4: Absolutely. Yes. Great picture. Needs a little work on photoshop, but yes.

The Yoder's Three said...

I think the one of you and Grace is beautiful!

amy said...

I already posted my initial reactions on facebook, but I have some time on my hands, and your thoughts have inspired some new thoughts of my own.

I maintain your loveliness is equally evident in all the pictures.

I agree that it is slightly obscured with darkness in the first picture, which remains my favorite regardless, though I recognize a flaw of this type could cost you the win.

There is no bad side of your nose. Time to get a grip.

Toddler-use may be cheating, but I am starting to think you should use that picture anyway. Your happiness is palpable, the lighting and framing is great, and what is more important in any woman's self-portrait than a picture of her eldest child--a daughter, no less? Grace bespeaks more of you than velour easy chairs, quilting rings, and Shannon Hale combined :)

Heidi said...

#1 I really love, such a good picture over all, just wish there was more light on your face.
#2 I agree with Kim, it looks like something you would see on a book cover and it just opens the mind for creativity when I think of a good book story. Love it! just love it, so you. :)
#3 No, not the right angle and just not feelin' it.
#4 is just precious and very relaxed. Love it!

Dansie Family said...

i like number 1 and 2. you are cute anyway you look at you, though. and i love your new header. are these flowers by your parent's house. i have been running by them lately. very fall and fun.

Brittany said...

I love the one with the chair. And I even love that Alex put it there for you. It is subtle and cute. I love it.