03 September 2009


It is good that we live close to Las Vegas. When Henry is a professional table dancer, as he seems destined to be, I think he will visit us often. I would photoshop something fun for this, but I am hesitant to google "table dancer image."


angela michelle said...

ha ha. perhaps a video clip is in order?
we once googled "belly dancer" images for assistance with a Halloween costume. our corneas are still smokin.

Amy Huntington said...

haha. I would love to see a video of this kid!

I'm glad I'm on your favorite cousins list. Every time I make a post, I look through everything and think, What would Jenny think of this?

:) I've always wanted to be good at English.

Marie Loves Ben said...

i am so pleased to hear that henry has a path in life. you must be very proud. and just imagine, when he grows up he will ALWAYS be able to tip the waiter!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Everyone has different talents!

msjvd said...

You can google all you want.

You just have to learn to click with more discretion.

For instance, "dancing males table" answered by...

A) www.porndogsRus.com


B) www.lucrativecareerchoices4wigglyboys.com

Hmmmm, well, perhaps neither of those.

But like the rest, I'm waiting for the video to come out.

The Rookie said...

Hehehe. It is frightening what an innocent little search can pull up.

Lori said...

I think you would be safe photoshoping a cowboy hat and holster, or police hat and gun. There is also the fruit hat and coconut bra, oh this is a boy. I have a hard time thinking of males table dancing for some reason. I always think that that is a female dominated job, but this is a equal opportunity land.