26 September 2009

Little boys

Little boys are not little girls. I don't remember Grace's first words, but they were probably something like "Princess" or "Mom" or "Dad," depending on whether you ask Alex or me.

Henry's first remotely intelligible words: "Bottle." "Car."


Jesse said...

I think you have to take into account who Grace's mom is and who Henry's dad is. It makes a big difference I think :)

msjvd said...

I'm totally, utterly and completely appalled that you don't know what your first-born's first words were.

How did that happen?

Cory Reese said...

On the bright side, at least it wasn't "NASCAR".

Sara said...

I really think Henry's first work was "Mom". I watched him when he was first learning to make noise/talk a little, and I remember him walking around my house saying "mom?", "Mom?", "mom?". Yeah, his first actual word was "mom", but the rest of the words since have been very boyish and manly!