19 September 2009

This and That, Thanks Where Due

Dear Everyone,

Thanks for all of the input and kind words. I am still debating on which photo to enter.

I really do like myself. I'm only trying to lose the last few pounds for the sake of several pairs of jeans. Jeans are expensive to replace—even more so than beans are to buy. I am emotionally attached to these jeans and to the size I was when I could wear them. I think many women can relate. We are happy with who we are. We are just mildly wistful for those happy, slender, idyllic times before child-bearing, and before college football accidents.

Dear Sammy, Thanks for saving me from having to go home when I forgot my wallet. You are a princess. See?

Dear Saddie and Levi, Thank you for the lovely pomegranates. I made grenadine syrup and will be posting about it soon. This was the best International Talk Like A Pirate Day I have ever celebrated.

Dear everyone,

Are you also dying to see (or are you already in love with) this and/or this?

Much Affection, yours etc. Jen


msjvd said...

I think the banana-eater in the background is pretty funny!

Dansie Family said...

first link didn't work, but i am so in love with julie and julia. want to go see it with me again?

Zina said...

Yup I think I need to see Bright Star and yes I've already seen Julie/Julia and it's very good. (Be prepared fro some swearing.) Meryl Streep is as amazing as you might think she would be, and then some.