21 October 2009

Do You Like My Hat?

Ever since I clicked the links on this post by Kate, I have wanted to make some sort of hat. So yesterday I got out the trusty old hot glue gun, sewing machine, and some fake flowers my fabulous sister-in-law got at a yard sale and lent me, and sewed up a little lily-pad for Grace's head.

Love the pose, Suze.

I'd do a tutorial, but really all you do is sew an oval with ribbons coming out and glue flowers on. I do recommend laying the flowers out before gluing to decide which ones you like.


Kimi said...

I love the pose like she is very carefully considering the perks of her new hat.

msjvd said...

It's simply wondrous how her new hat matches her little shirt.

Ahhhh, you truly are the best mother around for little Suze!

Petit Elefant said...

Very cute!

Linz said...

SO so so cute!

angela michelle said...

bet she loves wearing that.

Kate said...

I fear that my children will be dressed like poppies and pansies and all kinds of costumes and will be social pariah as a result. At least until they are old enough to realize that most people don't wear costumes on a daily basis, and they rebel.

I guess there are worse things than a rebellion involving heading straight to Old Navy.

Hurrah for hats!