06 October 2009

Happy Thoughts

* Even though I had a friend over, and there was rambunctiousness, and we missed the sacred window before which bedtime is generally bliss and after which bedtime is a diabolical swirling debacle of misery—my children went to bed without much trouble tonight.

* I would have an easier time making an elaborate feast for my family every day if fabric were edible. It is so much more fun to shop for and play with fabric than food.

* Though chicken is not fabric, I made Paula Deen's Chicken Georgia for dinner. While my thighs are not thankful, my mouth is. I did leave off the cheese, since I didn't have any mozzarella. Maybe my thighs can thank me for that. At least I wasn't quilting instead of cooking.

*You know that whole, O Divine Redeemer followed by Jeffery Holland's landmark sermon? Yeah, Alex and I were in the nosebleed section watching it live.

*Right after I linked to Zina, Maven of Malapropisms, in the "word of the whatever," she posted one of her Malaprop posts. I'm pretty much a prophetess. Give me your palm. Look deep into my eyes.

So what are your happy thoughts?


Marie Says Yes said...

My happy thought:
*my house is quiet and i'm eating a dill pickle. stansfield, too, and they're the best -- they're three generations of pickle people.

Linz said...

I'm so jealous that you got to hear Elder Holland's sermon live. THat one was so amazing! Great happy thoughts!

Thora said...

Yesterday for the first time ever I sent Zina a malaprop, and it made it into this post - I almost felt famous. If having a misspelled phrase you saw on the Internet anonymously posted counts as famous.

Also, I'm happy because downstairs I have waiting for me pumpkin spice donuts, which my body is telling me I shouldn't really eat, but some things are essential to celebrate fall.

msjvd said...

I shared a piece of pumpkin tiramisu with my college best friend after dinner last night.

I'm still happy, just thinking back on that. :)

Brittany said...

I read the Malaprop. Or at least part of it. It drove me two knuts to finish reeding it.