05 October 2009

He Came That Way

Henry came:

1. With a personality much more serious than his older sister's.

2. With a propensity toward tantrum.

3. With a strong will.

4. Interested in technical perplexing things.

5. Itching with desire to experience technical perplexing things in a tactile way.

6. With an innate love for dirt, and dropping it on his sister's head.

7. With a most endearing ability to sleep.

I love him just the way he came.

This one also came the way he came, and I love him just the same.


msjvd said...

Hmmmm, Jennifer, think back to 6th grade: DID ALEX DROP DIRT ON YOUR HEAD?

Maybe it runs in the fambly?

I'm jus' sayin...

The Rookie said...

I seriously think that boy is scrum-dilly-umptious. Dirt and all.