29 October 2009

The Housewives and the Book Group

Twice in my life I have looked down and discovered a heaping pile of used tissues next to me while I read a novel. The first time, I was an adolescent reading about a brave stand at the barricade in Les Miserables. The second time, I was reading The Actor and the Housewife. Some of you are familiar with my deep love of Shannon Hale. I knew that I must gather friends to me and discuss this book, and a few months later, the following party ensued:

Naturally there had to be apple pie, because I just loved that main character Becky and her pies.
We had a few other snacks, too. My lovely mother-in-law is the hand model, showing off one of my best pies. I attribute the pie's goodness to the book's good karma.

I can't believe everyone in my book group didn't get what Hermie was all about. I love books for their details, and the construction paper humpback whale suspension really flipped my skirt.

We had an excellent discussion, and judging by the divas of awesomeness picture, can't you tell that it would be? My only regret is that you cannot see my attractive grey sweat-pants beneath my muumuu.

I enjoyed hearing the adamant arguments for and against platonic friendship. We critically analyzed the difference between crushing on a fictional character and fantasizing about him. I am naturally in favor of crushes, though I don't so much go for the fantasizing even if my husband does photoshop his face into the Pride and Prejudice DVD cover.

One thing that surprised me was how widely some of our opinions varied, even though we all hale from a very similar social demographic. I loved hearing how passionately one believed she would never marry again if she were single, and how Felix haunted Marie, where it was Mike and his fate that hung me up for awhile.

This party bred loveliness that I look forward to repeating when we re-convene in a few months for our book reports. Please see what you can do about being in this end of this state the last Thursday in January.


Marie Says Yes said...

I just like you, Jenny. You are good for my brain. And Hermie spoke to me. He really did. And that book party was AWESOME!!! Very stimulating. I came home and was so happy I was not the only person with super-de-dooper strong opinions! I'm very excited for next time.
P.S. Nothing can sway me from my belief that having my Jazz and fiction boyfriends is the right thing to do. They are mine. And I am not giving them up. :)
Thanks again!
P.S. again: Can I steal your picture for my blog? It's totally awesome.

Gina said...

Oh I would have loved to discuss this book. I just loved it and would love to hear what everyone had to say about it. What are you reading for January? Maybe I could be a "virtual" attendee? :)
I'm in a book club here- and you've just convinced me to host this book when it's my turn. I definitely want to hear what my friends think about all of this!
p.s. The pie looks so good.
I better go my kids are begging me for breakfast. Off to housewife!

Jen said...

Marie, steal away! And I'm with you on the fiction boyfriends, though I have every intention of sharing Mr. Darcy with Grace. She already recognizes him on screen.

Gina, we are doing a book report January meeting. We'll discuss books we've read and pick one for February, and do it every other month that way til next October. I was thinking I'd try to read the Guernsey Potato Peel one to report on.

Jessi said...

Oh, I wish I could have come!! That looks like so much fun. Too bad Georgia is so far away.

msjvd said...

Jessi, I think she posts these things, with pictures of her delicious looking pie and my cutest little Gracie-poo just to make you and I seriously consider our chosen locations.

She does it on purpose without any thought for our suffering at a distance. :(

"Oh, you'll just have to come by soon." Bah! Jen is a twisted bit, I think that sometimes. I really do!

Dansie Family said...

thanks! it was fun. thanks for being such a wonderful host. it is fun to hear others very passionate opinions and makes me look at my own (opinions and prejudices) a little more closely.

Kimi said...

JEALOUS! And I'm not afraid to say it. Looks like you guys had a great time. And again, let me just say....Jealous.