08 October 2009

It's Not What You Think

Judging by the pictures, one might think this post is about applesauce.

One might think I will be praising the saucing qualities of Courtland apples,

Or the sweet apple-chopping skillz of my beloved Canning Nazi sister. . .

Or maybe I just want to rant about how sore my shoulder is from pumping a Victorio strainer all day yesterday?

No. Actually, this post is about my new pet, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Standard AutoFocus Lens. I got it a few days ago, so I documented and portraited the sauce as a way to figure out my new lens.

I wanted this lens because 50 mm is the ideal focal length for portraiture. I dislike very much having my picture taken with a wide angle lens (makes that crooked nose even worse), and I invariably accidentally shoot portraits at the wrong focal length, so I knew this would help me quit that.

This lens is great for taking very sharp photos of what is in focus and getting that desired blur behind them. I like the ability to get such a wide aperture, and I like being forced to move around to get the photo I want. That motion makes me more aware of framing my picture correctly.

One drawback to this lens is that I cannot get the auto-focus to work in low or weird light no matter what I do. However, there is a manual focus, so I just use the auto-focus to get in the vicinity of focus, and then I switch to manual focus and fine tune. The camera will let you shoot any dern blurry thing you want when it's in manual focus. Due to the wide aperture I can still get a little sharp spot even in bad light.

I would recommend this lens for the mid-amateur, because it is easier to maneuver around this lens if you are comfortable in the manual settings section of a DSLR. For more reviews check Adorama or BHphotovideo.com. Both ship the lens for free, have lots of reviews, and are closed on Yom Kippur. (I know because they don't take orders that day. Part of Alex's bad shipping karma has rubbed off on me.)


msjvd said...

Don't you have bottles to label or sumpin' to do?

The Rookie said...

Congratulations. My roommate just got the same exact one for her Canon.

Anonymous said...


I think I caught *some* of the tech talk. :)

We harvested our apples today--really a very small crop, which I'm actually grateful for. I'm going to slice them up and freeze them for apple crisp all year long.