21 October 2009


Alex said he cedes the copyrights of this morning's spontaneous poem to me.

Henry Benry Buggle Boo.

Such a busy boy are you.

What we clean, you soon undo.

Henry Benry Buggle Boo.

Little Sister, Gracie Lou.

Chatty Cathy, shamed by you.

Talking til your face is blue,

Little Sister, Gracie Lou.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Love it. BTW - thanks for the "kudos" yesterday. 'Preciate it!

msjvd said...

And how nice that you have recovered these lovely poems for posterity.

I often wish I had recovered the "Stinker Boy" song for one of your younger brothers...

Linz said...

=D Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Darling poem, darling boy...how did he get so big so fast?!? He's much bigger than my Max, who I'm certain is going to be a dwarf...but I'll never say that out loud. Thanks for giving me the correct spelling of Mirrow-Paw...now I know...and as Ops likes to say, "Once you know better, you'll do better..." whatever...it still comes out of my mouth as Mirrow-paw.

Tink said...


Jessi said...

Pure talent. Someday your kids will appreciate how lucky they are.