28 October 2009


Overheard today from Suzy, who was gently nursing her oversized stuffed unicorn back to health:

"Just listen to your heart, Unicorn. You have a big goober in your nose."

Totally unrelated: I have noticed that she can remember only one item in a sequence if I instruct her to clean her room or to pick up things A, B, and C, or to put away things A, B, and C. But if I say, "Make sure you take your shorts off, then put your tights on, then put your shorts back on, and then put on your shoes," she remembers three to four items in the correct order.


msjvd said...

You're a very funny kid, Princess. :)

Claire said...

That's because there is clothing involved in the second scenario. She knows what's important.

My5wmd said...

We made a clean-up page for Katie to use to clean her room. I took photos of her picking up each type of item (eg. a shirt for clothing, a shoe for all shoes, a doll for all toys, a kleenex for garbage, a book for all books) and a photo of her making the bed. Then I just put them all on one page (with a word-processing program) in the order she wanted and printed it out. Now she just has to look at the "clean-up page" and knows everything she has to do. In order. With no reminding from me, beyond the constant reminder to CLEAN YOUR ROOM!