12 October 2009

She's Dainty Like That

Overheard at my sister's house while bottling applesauce:

Sister looks at neffy-pooh, "Do you have big muscles?"

son smiles big smile

"Can you move this for me?"

son smiles big smile, moves object

Grace: "I have little muscles."

(Because she is a little girl, of course.)

big and little muscles


msjvd said...

Dainty, decisive, delicious little Grace!

Anonymous said...

Rose says she has big muscles, and I'm sure she'd be happy to show them to you.

Anonymous said...

P.S. There, now I've caught up on the last 13 posts I'd missed at your blog. :) I did get to see the sanguine/maven thing in your Word of the Whatever while it was still there. And it was fun to see myself mentioned as a--what was it you called me? Zina the Maven of Malaprops or something? Anyway I liked the title.

I have to admit I love Gladiator, although there are many parts of it I don't actually watch, and I don't think I'd put it ahead of an Austen flick. But I think it's a great movie. And, actually, both Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix are movie heartthrobs of mine (even if Phoenix is disgusting in this movie.)

Also, I looked at all the portraits (after the contest had closed) and they're all great, except some people are better at taking photos than others. Yours has so much character; it says more about you than a lot of them do.

And Lili did tell me she had met you. Such a small world.

sammygrace said...

that little girl makes me giggle. that little boy makes me giggle. one day if they are both with me i have a feeling i'm going to be caught up in a gigglefest. will you help me when that day comes? and take more pics of the little blessings? i adore those munchkins. thank goodness for brycens muscles what would we do without them?