02 November 2009

Confession, For the Record

Halloween. Yes, we celebrated it. I didn't post about it because

a. I forgot to take pictures.

b. I didn't plan our costumes until the afternoon of the day in question. So Alex was Henry Jones Jr. (again), and I was a brown crayon. As I walked out the door, Alex kindly noted that if I didn't want people to get the wrong idea, I might want to make my costume more specific than just wearing monochromatic brown. Horror. Dismay. I ran inside and drew "Crayola" and "brown" signs and taped them to myself, cursing and praising my dear husband and his imagination all the way.

c. Grace was a Princess. Henry was a very loosely interpreted Leprechaun, wearing his green pajamas and a hat Alex bought at a thrift in Ireland.

I think if motherly grades came out, I would get an A in "Instill your children with a love of reading (by example)" and a D- in the "Halloween Celebrating practical."


Angie Lewis said...

It's okay...my mother hated Halloween and she has instilled in each of her children that same emotion. I bought Christopher a costume and put a pumpkin hat on Andrew. Jon and I did absolutely nothing, so you're one up on us! :) And the teacher side of me says that reading to your children is WAY more important anyway!!!

Claire said...

Jenny, I love reading your blog so much. It's absolutely hilarious. I'm sitting in the computer lab right now and I keep giggling loudly, causing people to look at me funny. :) You're a brilliant writer.

The Rookie said...

Kindred spirits.

I sometimes worry about my poor deprived theoretical children when it comes to any type of holiday fanfare. My theoretical children will have a love (or resentment--another worry of mine) of all things bookish, however.

mommy princess said...

I will be a witness that I did see your children out and about at the trunk or treat with Alex. Grace looked dazzling, and at first I thought Henry was dressed up as a kid who wouldn't go to bed. But then I saw the very adorable hat.