27 November 2009

Fly Boys, New Lens

It's always nice for nephews when Uncle Jesse comes to town.
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was filled with banana cream, pecan, peach, chocolate cream, pumpkin gingerbread, and scrumptious berry pie goodness like mine was. Oh, and the seeing of family was nice, too.
PS. I got a new lens. 28 to 105mm. I would recommend this one over the 50 mm as a first upgrade from a kit lens. This lens helped me figure out what the hyperfocal distance gage thingamagig was, which was a pretty big revelation. Almost as big as when I figured out that those little dots across the bottom of the screen were telling me whether I was over- or under- exposing in manual modes.
PPS. Does anyone have a cattle prod? I have some quilts I really need to get done before Christmas.


msjvd said...

No cattleprod, but I hear the going thing in Sweden these days is having a mattress made of nails! :)

liliblogs said...

prod, prod. (yeah right--I'm one to talk)

myimaginaryblog said...

I could nag you and you could nag me, except I think these days I might have become impervious even to nagging.