06 November 2009

Lattice Pie Crust

Since I have an over-abundance of apples, I made another apple pie when our friends came over this week, and I thought I would try my first latticed crust. It is a lot easier than it looks.
Place your horizontal strips on the pie, and fold back every other one.

Place another strip of dough across the pie, then unfold the folded ones over the top of it, and fold back the ones that were previously unfolded.

Repeat that step until you get to the edge of your pie. Fold back the ones that are coming out from under the left-most vertical strip.

And repeat your alternating folding again.

Trim the extra pieces. I should have made my bottom crust come out from under with a lip, and then it could have been folded over the lattice edges and pinched until it was all perdy, but I didn't. Oh well.

I did brush milk on it and use the foil edge-tent method. I was very pleased with my results, and encourage everyone else to try it. My sister said the pie place in St. George is already sold out for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. Can you believe that?
*Note to self: never make apple pie without a peeler-corer-slicer. The resulting labor would bring nothing but abject misery and despair.


Dansie Family said...

it's beautiful. and peeling apples by hand isn't that bad. i need to start thinking of pie ideas for thanksgiving. i want to win the unofficial contest. last year a store bought pumpkin pie won. pathetic and i can't let that happen again.

Jessi said...

that is the most beautiful pie ever! makes me want to try my hand at pie-making. i've never really tried.

msjvd said...

I fail to understand the significance of the local pie hooligans business success/problems over the holidays?

I recall during a recent visit, I requested a frozen pie shell for a project and you turned me down flat!

So the idea that you would buy an entirely non-homemade pie screams fraud! Nay, POSER!

Jesse said...

Have you ever used a potatoe peeler on Apples? It actually works really well in my experience.

By the way, I got the Bountiful Baskets load and it is pleasing so far. It's all good.

Bonnie said...

That is a beautiful looking pie.Very impressive.

Marie Says Yes said...

dear jennie,
please never say that is easy. please say it is really, really hard. 'cause it looks so awesome i know it'll never happen for me. you are betty crocker.
please try to stop being so cool. it's difficult being the underdog here!
your friend,

mommy princess said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for the photographs along with the instructions. I've always wondered how to do that. BTW you should post your crust recipe. I'd love to try it. Have you ever found any good whole wheat ones. I'm alway looking. I'm so glad that Grace was able to fend off the dresser. Todd did that once and it was so scary.

The Rookie said...


Kate said...

That is so scrumptious looking!

myimaginaryblog said...

That's gorgeous. I've heard the method described and heard people say it's easy, but seeing it done makes me believe it actually is doable.

I made apple pie without a slicer/corer/peeler for several years and then one year went out and bought one at Williams Sonoma on the very eve of Thanksgiving. I was worried I'd paid too much and happy when I learned that it would have cost the same elsewhere--and it's been a life-changing gadget for me. That same evening my family was so excited to try it out that they sliced up all the apples I needed. And we have a little apple tree and every year I slice up all the apples and freeze them for apple crisp, and it does take time but is not a miserable job like it would otherwise be.

Olga said...

Great job! I really wanted to go apple picking this fall and make an apple pie but neither happened.

Have you tried adding some zest to the apple pie? It's great!!!!