15 November 2009

My Secret Love Affair

Dear Pie,

I just want you to know that I have finally told Alex about my feelings for you. I think he is okay with our relationship. I promised him that I would not run away with you, even though my passion for you cannot be denied. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend.

Your Secret Lover,


I blame the internet for my problem. Look:
Apple Blackberry with Walnut
Caramelized Apple Pecan
Random Raspberry Pie


Jill said...

I'm trying to find a way to make pecan pie happen without me doing it

msjvd said...

Two apple pies and two berry pies?

I think you're more in love with pie than simple FRUIT pies! heehee!

The Yoder's Four said...

Ooo! I am in charge of making the pies this year for Thanksgiving, and I was wondering which kinds to make. I think I'll try the caramelized apple pecan one. Looks delish!!

My5wmd said...

Pie has apparently been getting around, because I love pie, too!! My weakness is for the crust (pie crust cookies with the remnants, yummy!!) The best crust is made with lard. Don't be afraid. I'll give you the best recipe for pie crust if you're interested, using lard and vinegar. Old family recipe, and the best I've ever had.

The Rookie said...

Dear Rowena,

I love you simply because you dedicated an entire post to pie.

Waiting impatiently for Thanksgiving Pie Night at the parents' homestead

Kimi said...

Pie is the best part of Thanksgiving...but I'm a pumpkin girl. I have my grandma's recipe...ohhh so delicious....mouth watering now.

Linz said...


Pie Spookmeister said...

JENNIFER: This is the Ghost of Pie Past. You are about to be haunted by ooooooooooooatmeal pie.........chococococo-creeeeeeeeeam pie.......fresh strawberrrrrrryyyyy pie with whipped creeeeeeeeeeaam......buttermilk pie...... fresh peaeaeaeaeaeeaeaeach pie.......YOU HAVE EATEN THEM ALL AND THEY ARE ALL HAUNTING YOU! You need more variety. You should try pecan pumpkin pieeyyyy....fresh pumpkin creme crunch pie.........lemon chess pie.........rhubarb strawberry tart.......... and everything else your Auntie sez for you to try.

mommy princess said...

"That's it" Pie told me I was it's one and only. Now I find out it's been cheating on me. And with one of my friends no less!! I too am despratly in love, so I'll just have to share. Should we start a "Pie Polygamy" group? For all the pie lovers out there?
Thanks for the recipes. I have an awesome Cranberry whip pie that's to die for. Maybe I'll make it Monday night so I can take pics for a post.