01 November 2009

Ooooh, Tom Selleck!

image from: americanmustache.com

Click here to find a list of the most manly mustaches of all time. I'd just like to say that I feel very privileged to be the only woman alive to have seen Alex's handlebar mustache. He only shaves this specialty very briefly just for me when he finally caves to the kissing strike at the end of a goatee.

No, I don't know why I subscribe to The Art of Manliness. There is just something about it. I guess it's because I just love men. They are so manly. Especially my Alex.


msjvd said...


So... this now infamous handlebar of Alex's...

More of a Friedrich Nietzsche or a Rollie Fingers?

Jen said...

Wyatt Earp, but hotter. ;)

msjvd said...

I was somewhat surprised by how much Wyatt seemed to resemble... KEVIN COSTNER? REALLY??

Fortunately, husband does not!

angela michelle said...

kissing strikes are the only way to handle goatees and beards in my opinion.