03 November 2009

Robot #3: RX

Alex is working on robot number three. Here is a list of things that this means:

* Vast quantities of time for Alex to spend in the garage, tinkering until his heart feels content.

* Vast quantities of unintelligible conversation directed from him to me, until my brain melts, and I can correctly pronounce potentiometer (though I'm not sure if I can spell it).

* Vast quantities of our little dollars flitting away into Ace Hardware's nut and bolt bucket until our wallets feel sad and alone.

* Vast quantities of nasty filed dust filling the air of our garage, clinging to Alex's clothing and hair and lungs until his wife imagines strange iron-lung diseases that he will be suffering from very soon.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I so relate to this. Dean even climbed up in the rafters of his building at UCBerkeley to reconfigure the cords for the computers and there was asbestos insulation up there; last year he had a cough that lasted all winter and I was afraid it was lung cancer. But also there was that time when he was testing an engine for an autogyro (small helicopter/plane thing) in our garage (he wanted to test it in the house but I said no) and the whole house smelled like autogyro fuel for hours. Yuck.

Guess what I had for lunch today? Santitas and cheddar. The Doritos didn't last forever. :)

I love Grace's hat a few posts back, as well as the paper ones linked to from your friend's site. It made me want to make hats.

And all the yummy things you made made my mouth water.

Queen Elizabeth said...

It must be tough being married to a genius. Hang in there.

angela michelle said...

hee hee. my husband comes home from work and fills my head with gobbledegook about scribe's copies and binding needle holes and adhesive wafers on 1830s documents. I just keep my eyes trained on him while I glaze over on the inside.

Can't wait to see that robot! My sons would LOVE to come hang with your husband.