11 November 2009

Speaking of Veterans Day

For the last week and a half, Henry and I have been at war. He has screamed, grumped, and clung continuously. He has followed me around, insisting on being held in a blanket taco and entertained by his personal prisoner.

I called my sister, at my wits end. When I asked her if her children ever went through a stage like this, she said, "No, my children don't scream as much as yours do." Awesome. She asked if he was teething, which hadn't occurred to me. I looked. Yes, he was teething. And she also made a suggestion that I buy some toy cars for the poor lad. "He always has a car in his hand at my house and he is always happy there."

What?! A toy car? You mean he is tired of playing with Grace's oversized fluffy pink unicorn and wants something to get a little testosterone flowing? This was a revelation for me. I have never bought any toys for Henry, because we already have toys for Grace. Why would we need to buy more toys?

I raced out the next morning and procured a small toy gas station with three cars, including the two pictured above. And Henry played contentedly with them for the rest of the day yesterday, occasionally accosting me to hold them up and say, "Car! Car!"

Moral of the story: Don't go to war with me, little children. I have the Allies on my side.

PS. Thanks to all of our real Veterans today. I love my freedom, and appreciate the sacrifices.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Awesome story. You need to submit that to the child development specialists (for a STEEP fee, of course!).

Linz said...

Awesome. I did the same thing to poor Andrew. He didn't get any boyish toys until Auri brought him out dressed as a ballerina.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. and funny:

I live in an apartment with one roommate who likes pretty, old things. Things that are not exactly childproof. But there are occasions where small children enter our apartment. Thankfully I have a large pad of newsprint and crayons, which so far has kept them happy when they come. But I also mentioned to my mom that I need to get some toys to have on hand for small guests. My mom said, "buy a small plastic basket and a cheap package of toy cars. This is the starting point and the most basic and important toy to have around."

There you have it. I guess those older and wiser than us already knew what you just learned :)

Saddie said...

Strange how the most obvious solutions rarely occur to the frazzled, patience depleted parent. Thank heavens for clear thinking family and friends!

Hazel's been making due with Tomy's toys, too. But I just bought her a bunch of frilly-tutu-fairy-wing-wonders on Halloween clearance. At least she'll get a girly Christmas.

Dansie Family said...

your sister is a genius. glad you got it figured out.

Kimi said...

Your sis is smart. Could I maybe have her number cause I have parenting issues on a pretty regular basis and a parenting hotline would be super.

I am the same way with Laynee. She has a baby doll that my dad bought her but other than that I'm like...why don't you go play with your brothers toys

The Yoder's Four said...

My 6-week old has been screaming, grumping and clinging for the past week and a half, too. GAAAA!!!!

I'm actually thinking of buying him a mobile or a crib toy with lights and music today because I'm about to pull my hair out. Sometimes toys really are the answer.

msjvd said...

This says wonderful things about your future prospects for grandchildren. He's definitely a BOY.

michelle said...

Jace is OBSESSED with vehicles of all kinds! It started with the vintage little people cars we had and when I realized he was so into them he got a whole slew of cars, trucks and trains thanks to DI.
Even surrounded by girls he still came through LOL