15 December 2009

Caramel Pretzel Tips

There was some interest in more information on these pretzels, so here we go.

I spray tin foil with cooking spray and let the dipped pretzels cool on the counter on the foil. I don't refrigerate them, because candy is usually sensitive to humidity and temperature, though caramel is usually fine in the cold.

It's best to dip the pretzels while the caramel is very hot, hence my burned fingers. Spooning sheety hot caramel over the pretzels worked best for me, and then I let it drip off a little. The pretzels ended up coated a little too heavy, but I don't mind a little extra caramel pooling underneath.

Chocolate requires the most finesse of any substance involved in these. Sometimes chocolate randomly just gets spots. I think it is generally cheap or old chocolate, or chocolate that has become too warm or too cold at some point that does this.

I used almond bark for the white part, and I followed the instructions on the back for thinning it a little. I recommend using only a pea-sized dot of shortening at a time, since it only took me two peas-worth to thin three big squares of almond bark to where I wanted them.

Another thing I figured out is that there is a particular wrist technique that achieves the thin little streaks of chocolate. If I were doing this over again, I would practice flinging over the bowl until I got it right before I started dolloping all over my pretzels.

For the caramel recipe, click the first "caramel" on the previous post. And yes, if you were to come visit me all the way from the East coast, I might be persuaded to make a batch for you in honor of the event.


msjvd said...

Excellent! Everything I wanted to know and was rotten enough to ask on the last blog! GREAT! DELECTABLE! Excellent pictures! AMAZING! You're a fabulous blogger! WOW! You're an amazing cook! STUNNING! You're a wonderful mother. SO TASTY-LICIOUS! You're a great friend.

Kasey said...

Wow! You are amazing! Thank you, thank you. Your sharing of your knowledge is much appreciated!

Linz said...

Mmmmmm... those look soooo yummy! Good job!!

angela michelle said...

mmm--those are my favorites. i'm impressed you're able to pull that off with the little gremlins i assume are underfoot trying to sneak a snitch.