03 December 2009


I have some concerns.

Henry has fallen in love with chewing up apples and spitting them on the floor. In spite of my special talent for incessant nagging, he loves to do this on the carpet, which is older than he is but younger than Grace.

Grace wants EVERY TOY for Christmas. We don't even have television commercials to work against me, but the newspaper ads are getting through to her, in color.

Alex was dreaming of a white Christmas, until yesterday, when his white mistress moved in, permanently supplanting our Toyota Corolla in our one-car garage. We are now a non-garage mini-machine shop family. In Alex's defense, I will say that he paid less than $1 per lb of that machine, and that's cheaper than most vegetables. I'll just keep repeating that to myself.

Maybe I'll just spend a little time with Pie, eh Alex? How do you feel about that?


Marie Says Yes said...

"in spite of my special talent for incessent nagging"?! thank you for saying that, jenny. it made me smile. and it is the specialist talent of them all!

nicole hill gerulat said...

oh my goodness. don't EVEN be embarrassed! You had a beautiful self-portrait.

amy said...

Wow. I can't believe you own whatever that thing is. Your husband came to play.

I stand by my default parenting suggestion for Henry, which is to stop messing around and just buy a crate. I can't think of a single parenting problem that wouldn't be fixed with a little time in the crate.

As for Grace, just be glad she is developing normally. Probably because you didn't crate her. Scratch my suggestion about Henry. I don't know what to tell you.

Peggy Clyde. said...

It seems like I have seen a caramel sauce on someone else's blog. I'll see if I can find it.

Peggy Clyde. said...

I googled "caramel sauce with sweetened condensed milk" and got several recipes. See if one of those will help you.

msjvd said...

(Ok, am I totally mistaken or are some of the comments on this particular blog entry a bit random? I only say this because I like reading what your friends say, but I can't figure out what some of them are referring to. Weird. Of me. To care.)

I used to sometimes eat apples the same way. He's sucking all the juice out and then spitting out the "filler."

Or maybe it's just "Grandpa J's apples." ;)

Kimi@SoManyKidsSoLittleTime said...

Oh my gosh! I love that you just threatened your husband with your boyfriend pie. I am getting a white Christmas whether I dream it or not...and sadly...no garage.

My kids are the same way and we don't have TV either. I can't imagine how bad they would be if we did.

The Rookie said...

I've missed you.

Sorry about the apple regurgitation on your (relatively) young carpet.

angela michelle said...

Amy, at first I thought you meant give him a crate of apples

We have a certain someone who likes the same trick. I think it's because they don't like the skin?

What is that machine? Perhaps you should remind your husband that there are things you can do to him that that machine will never do. ;)