11 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Just in case you didn't get one of these, I give you our Christmas letter. Much of this information will be familiar to you, my faithful blog readers.

Dear Family and Friends,

2009 has been a normal year for us, and by normal we mean busy, messy, happy, and more!

Alex has a new job working at home (when he isn't schlepping a video camera down some canyon or the other) for Geoquest technologies. If you ask him what he does for a living, he will just smile, because basically he just does whatever his boss tells him to do, and we all hope for the best.

Jenny has the same job working for Alex (and Grace and Henry). She edited and wrote for the Hurricane Times for most of this year before the economic climate ate the poor thing. Then she went back to being a happy woman because she didn't have a job other than mother-housewife-photographer-quilter extraordinaire.

Grace had an actual hair cut by a train(ing) professional this year. Her love for princessish things has deepened. Though she hasn't been asked what she wants for Christmas, she has answered that question by pointing at every object in every store (and newspaper ad) since early autumn and saying, “We should get that for me for Christmas.”

Henry was cute but somewhat cranky for most of the year until his mother realized that small boys must have CARS. Then he was happy for the rest of the year. One of his first words is CARRRRRRR! (Rhymes with the pirate's Arrrrr!) We are pleased that he can say R's so well. Thanks Hot Wheels.

We wish you and yours all the happiest of holidays with much love,
The C. Family

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Dansie Family said...

love it !

amy said...

Here's to keeping it real. The picture is especially satisfying.

Jessi said...

You are so clever! Will you write my Christmas letter? :)

msjvd said...

Excellent job on the card, Jen! Really good!

Demento Auntie's rancid humor holiday card will arrive Monday, perhaps. Take care and don't put it out with the rest.

Jesse said...

This picture is of the Chamberlain side, right? ;)

Jen said...

Ha ha, Jessi.

And yes, Jesse, it's definitely inspired by the more musical side of the family, though we have music on both sides. :)

For the record, Alex was disappointed I forgot to mention his 50 lb. weight loss. Sorry hon!

The Yoders Four said...

I'm glad you didn't photoshop handlebar mustaches onto your faces like the Beatles had circa 1967...