01 December 2009

When Arthur and DW Got Married

Grace recorded the joyous event.


Lili said...

Um, this is beyond fabulous.

msjvd said...

Clearly. Beyond fabulous.

Two questions:

Who is Arthur?
Who is DW?

Maybe a third.

Was Grace a bridesmaid?

Jen said...

Arthur is a PBS children's program. She drew a pretty accurate picture of him and his younger sister DW, whose name I'm pretty sure is to teach kids to say W.

If you google image Arthur and DW they come right up.

I think Grace was more an eccentric distant relative.

Anonymous said...

Lili said it. That there's a fine young artist.

Jessica said...

I don't think I could have drawn Arthur and DW better then Grace did! That is so impressive!!!

angela michelle said...

I wondered when they would finally get over their love-hate thing and take the plunge.

msjvd said...

Now that I've googled, I can truly agree: beyond fabulous.

I think Grace has perhaps a career in portraiture ahead of her? If you like, I'll give her some lessons during my next visit.

Jill said...

You are proud of your kid for drawing incest? I guest most great artists have their eccentricities.