07 January 2010


1. Have you been to Cluck. Cluck. Sew? There are so many easy fun sewing tutorials linked on the side. I know my male readers are really excited about that. Have a look, my sewing friends.

2. My blog is having an appearance identity crisis. Please suggest things you have liked or do like, or your philosophy of blog appearance, or any other flitting thought you may have about how I can coalesce the essence of my blogging self into an appealing header and non-annoying background.

3. I made these for dinner the other day, along with roasted green beans and roasted brussel sprouts (Vegetables: The Food of the Dieting Month). The Siopao with Sassy Sauce was delicious, but lately I have been thinking too much about where meat comes from, and I'm afraid that I might be on the verge of full-blown nuclear vegetarianism. I'd say, "I mean, think about it," but I don't want anyone else to be as uncomfortable in an entrenched lifestyle as I am becoming. So by all means, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT.

I'm reading Stiff, by Mary Roach, a humorous book about cadavers (I know, weird!), and she mentions how people who work with cadavers use coping mechanisms such as objectification. And I don't want to have to objectify my food. I'll tell you my real concern with vegetarianism. Beans. Do you know how to get a complete vegetarian protein? Legumes + Some starch or grain or other. And that means a LOT of the magical fruit. Ugh.

Ugh. I'm just going to go cry on my pillow about all of these terrible problems of my ugly blog and saying goodbye to eating dead animals. Or maybe I'll look at Cluck Cluck Sew, some more. That ought to cheer me up.


Jesse said...

So, two things:
1. I follow your blog via google reader. So I don't get to see your actual blog page design very often (because, admittedly, I am terrible about leaving comments). Anyway, there are probably others who follow you the same way, so don't feel too badly about the identity crisis.

2. I spent last week taking care of some 30 chickens belonging to friends who were out of town. They are disgusting and foul little fowls. Changing water and food bowls etc. was bad enough. But collecting the eggs and then washing the feathers, excrement, and MUCUSY FILM from them was enough for me to embrace full on veganism. I also have an increasingly hard time handling raw meat (especially bone-in) as it is difficult for me not to imagine the animal body from whence it has been butchered.

I have a vegan buddy whose husband swears that the way she prepares her beans leaves him with no ill effects... I will investigate and report further. :)

msjvd said...

1) Vegetarianism is the rudest habit of (nit)picky people! STOMP! IT! OUT! REJECT THE URGE TO BE "PRECIOUS!"

That said, I think I tasted the salt lick in the back pasture one too many times as a child. ;)

2) Your blog could use some stability. I want to know how you get the plain look with no header. NONE WHATSOEVER? I want that! Help! Send code!

3) Cluck. Cluck. Sew. Um, are we fawning over the two quilts... or the maternity skirt, please?

4) What was the question again?

Jen said...

Jesse: Thank you!

MSJVD, I would only be a personal vegetarian, and probably eat meat at other peoples' houses.

2. I changed over from minima to a different template. I'll send you a note when I remember what it is.

3. NOT the maternity skirt. There are tons of excellent tutorials on the sidebar!

Project Maniac said...

I guess I just like the taste of meat to much, and am pretty callous at heart to ever be a vegetarian or other form of the word.

I like simple blogs with not a lot going on in the background. I like to read them and colors and prints seem to get in my way. They look cute I admit, but I would prefer not to have them. We go the minimalist route. Besides, I liked the way your blog looked before. Sorry you are having problems with it.

Jesse said...

I had cubed steak over salad tonight for dinner.
It was very good.
Lest I came across as being committal at all during my rant this morning...

amy said...

Jen, as one who suffered a dietdentity crisis and came out meatless, I have done too much reading on the subject and you may be pleased to find that the beans+grains=complete protein dogma is no longer the gold standard of thinking on vegetarian nutrition. The best book I've read on the subject (in case I haven't already recommended it ninety million times, which I doubt) is called Eat to Live. It is the best documented book on nutrition I've seen, and the ideology fits nicely with diet month.

I also find beans a challenge and try to eat them moderately.

I need a diet month. Sometimes I'm less of a vegan and more of a brownie-sundae-orderer. City life.

The Rookie said...

I, personally, am just happy that carbs are considered necessary once again. Because I love carbs. I mean really, really love them.

I'm so squeamish I couldn't get through Stiff (imagine I italicized that). But Mary Roach is entirely entertaining.

Dansie Family said...

love siopao. love your blog and appearance. and we do less meat at our house. we were on no red meat at the house for a while, but then ground beef can be so cheap at farmer's sometimes, i usually give in.

Pots and Pins said...

I wouldn't change a thing about your blog because I'm used to it and I don't handle change well...yes, as usual, it's all about me! Whatever you do, just don't quit blogging. And keep leaving the scissors within Grace's reach because she is one cute KEWPIE DOLL!

Brittany said...

I pity your blog identity crisis. Especially since I don't even remember where to change my color settings. (I tried the other day and it did not go so well.) If you know, I would love it if you whispered it to me sometime when others weren't around to mock. I thought I was computer savvy....
Beans. The more often you eat them, the more your body creates the enzyme you need to digest them. Start out slowly and increase gradually. I can honestly say I don't miss meat. (Okay, so once in a while I miss tuna. But that's it.) It's a very, very healthy way to go. I'll give you my "squacos" recipe if you want (squash in the place of hamburger in your tacos, but with all kinds of seasonings and other veggies so it tastes very tacoie and wonderful.)
Good luck with that decision. I love you no matter what you eat.

Ryan said...

Here's my personal take, for what it's worth:
I've been "precious" for a little more than a year now, and it's great. I do it for lots of little reasons that all seemed to add up to something meaningful. I do it everywhere I go, because I believe in being the same person no matter the situation. And if you want to do it, great, if not, also great. My deepest apologies to "msqrd" if I've ever been offensive in any way. My intent, ironically enough, was the very opposite of that.