13 January 2010

Rowena Reviews

The Witch Doctor's Wife, Tamar Myers. Nancy Drew meets The Poisonwood Bible, fun quick read. Distracting typos.

I started to read Stiff, by Mary Roach, but I am having trouble continuing because it gives me the heeby jeebies. I don't know how to spell that. I am imposing a read-only-before-noon rule, which I hope will help.

Crossing to Safety, Wallace Stegner. Like eating steak and potatoes after lots of my normal marshmallow reading. I found the narrator's treatment of women arrogant and annoying at times, but the book was set in the 40s and 50s, so I think that my annoyance may be with prevalent attitudes of the time period. I did enjoy his style and made it all the way through, so that speaks well of the author.

My Life in Ruins (movie). The funny came a little late. Too much sex for my super-ultra-conservative self. Definitely not the sparkling gem of hysterically funny brilliance that is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The Girl Who Could Fly. Victoria Forester. X-men-ish bildungsroman. I loved the Dickensian naming, but the story and characters lacked the irresistible charm that disables me from cooking dinner and cleaning my house. Fun, easy read. I think it would be really good for younger readers who are just starting chapter books.

Avatar (movie). Stunning cinematography, engaging plot and characters. I am glad we saw it in theaters.

Transformers 2, I actually finished reading The Witch Doctor's Wife while Alex watched this beside me. However, I did look up and laugh a few times because it is super-saturated-color children's toys on mega-nuclear steroids in loud crashing fights interspersed with sexy teenage girls. Hilarious.

I would go on, but my children are asleep, and the fabric, it beckons.

Forest Born giveaway will probably be this weekend.

If I haven't invited you to my book group and you live within a 25 mile radius, it was an oversight on my part. Contact me for details.


msjvd said...

Admirable spelling effort. Dictionary.com lists it as "heebie-jeebies." I think they are bluffing and making it up. Everyone knows that singular incorporates the letter "y" and plural uses "ies." One heeby followed by unknown but multiple number of jeeby is properly spelled heeby jeebies.

Although perhaps it might be best to use the hyphen.

The completed reading of a Wallace Stegner work reflects well on you. Sort of the literary version of watching a very slow documentary on public television.
Reflects well on YOU.

As for himself? He's dead. It reflects well on him that you read his stuff at all.

Love the new dashboard attitude!

Jesse said...

Yeah, I love your new banner.

And thanks for reporting on your reads. I'm always on the hunt and I feel like I can trust your recommendations. Nothing worse than being shocked by a book recommended by a friend. I guess I'm a bit ultra-conservative too.

Saddie said...

Perhaps reading a book is the key to watching Transformers 2. I watched it with Levi and was appalled! It's good to know I'm not the only ultra-conservative. As for book group - can I get details?

Linz said...

Great reviews. I felt the same way about "The Girl Who Could Fly." Cute, but kinda lacking the "it" factor. And I agree - the only way to enjoy Transformers 2 is to read a book while watching...

Tigger said...

I am number three! Reading a book is the way to get through Transformers 2. I was really disappointed. The directors/producers took a fun beloved children's toy/show and "transformed" it into an adult movie that I don't really care to see again...unless I am reading a book... ;)

Tigger said...

Oh, and thank you for the other reviews. I may take a chance on some of your recommendations.

Pots and Pins said...

Thanks (I think) for posting the link to Cluck, Cluck, Sew...she has such great things - and now I'm totally addicted to her pieced hearts - but not for cards - as a quilt block...maybe by 2020 I'll have THAT Valentine quilt done! xo, Nan

angela michelle said...

i think wallace stegner is misogynist--'50s or no.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, now I kinda sorta want to see one or the other of the Transformers movies.

I'm amused by your reaction to Crossing to Safety because I have friends who LOVE LOVE LOVE that book and I am more lukewarm on it. If I'm not misrepresenting my sister Suzy, she likes how in spite of their personality tics the realistic characters keep their friendships and work things out. But I was SUPER annoyed by their personality tics, and thought the overall tone and story was kind of depressing. (Mind you, it's been years since I read it. But that's my memory.)