15 February 2010

Good Tines

I was describing what we did for Valentines Day in a comment on another blog, and upon reflection, our activity was too delicious not to share:

We had a great time at the tri-ward Valentines Hoe Down. There was a live band, and they played Johnny Be Good in the same tempo and style as Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash. They were awesome.


msjvd said...

How is your square dancing, Jennifer?

It seems you and your sweetheart had a great holiday, in spite of it being a "Hallmark Holiday."

Thora said...

I wish my stake did something - my sister's does in Washington stake, although I'm not sure they had such exciting (and slow?) music :)

Jessi said...

You must be in a really cool stake! That sounds like fun.

H. Gardener said...

What a fun activity! You lucky duck! I must confess for a moment I thought "Tri-Stake", and I wondered why I had not heard about it...duh Sara, it is a "Tri-ward" event.
Sounds fun, I'm glad you and your hubby enjoyed yourselves!