23 February 2010

More Projecks

I have been avoiding completing any of the following projects by reading The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society this week (Thanks to all the people who have recommended TGLPPS. LOVE IT!)

Paper pieced flower basket.

Paper pieced heart. I'm not sure what to do with these blocks. I am open to suggestion, though. Maybe I should have another baby. (Not an announcement). We have, after all, decided to have all girls after Henry.

I print one princess for Grace to color every day. I started out just printing them whenever she wanted, but we ran through a ream of paper too quickly that way. She carefully colors them. She recently acquired her own pair of scissors, so she now also cuts them out (when she is not busy trimming her own hair). She has the devil of a time keeping her brother from ripping them in half in a devastatingly heartless manner.

One of my dearest friends gave me a bunch of blocks of Hawaiian print, so I'm making a zig zag quilt out of them, inspired by the Purl Bee one. I finally know what Rachel Lynde was talking about when she said she would give hers to Diana Barry when she got married!


Linz said...

So cool! You amaze me!! Way to go!

The Rookie said...

Isn't Guernsey just splendid? Forget the taciturn Mr. Darcy--I swear I'd marry Dawsey Adams in a heartbeat (were he real).

P.S. Word verification: "garth" as in Wayne and Garth bowing down and chanting "We're not worthy!" (like my comment on your previous post--that, frankly, could be copied into this comment).

Angie Lewis said...

I loved the Guernsey book as well. A friend told me that if I liked that one I should read Ella Minnow Pea (another novel written in letters). I highly recommend it as well if you haven't read it! :) And your quilting is amazing. I can't imagine being able to find time to sew (although I probably would have more if I didn't waste it all on the computer...).

The Yoder's Four said...

You are a domestic goddess. That is all I have to say.

Thora said...

Wait a minute - for some reason I though that I had heard about the Geurnsey book from your blog. I just read it last month, and loved it. Did you by any chance mention it before, even if you hadn't read it?

So, how old is Grace? My (almost) four year old not only has zero skill in coloring, but her sole activity with scissors is to cut small pieces out of papers until they are reduced to a pile of mess. Clearly this is because Grace has you for a mother, and you can quilt amazing designs and thus must have lots of artistic talent, and...I don't.

Speaking of (the quilting) - I love knowing the quilts that are referred to in the Anne books. Do you know what a tobacco quilt is, that's hung up at Patty's Place on the line to air out, and the Millionaire next door wants for his house?

Jen said...


I googled tobacco quilt, and it sounds like cigars used to have silk and other fabric advertisements in them, and people made quilts out of them. I'm glad you asked, or I wouldn't have thought to look it up!


msjvd said...

I think I love that zigzag quilt, but what truly strikes me is the variety of styles and talent levels displayed in that array of princesses.


And perhaps you might point out to Gracie that all the princesses seem to have long, UNCUT hair.

Jesse said...

I think you should make pillows from the squares, unless they'd be too small. I think they would be a very nicely matching little set.

You are an amazing seamstress.

Project Maniac said...

I've thought of making hot pads out of orphan blocks, or you could do a little wall hanging, or make a blanket for Graces princesses. Or just put them away and wait for the right time to use them in a future project. I love them by the way, beautiful. I'm still working on my paper piecing project, but it's not nearly as small and intricate as yours, or as stunning.

Anonymous said...

Those princesses are fabulous! And we've had to institute a one-printout-per-day limit, too, and move the paper to a higher shelf.

I love your quilting projects, too.