03 February 2010

Special Treasures

Little Boys who do not give their mothers black eyes with their fathers' mini mag flashlights.

The season in which oranges are ripe.

Root lift hair products.

Free paper piecing patterns.

Seam rippers for un-picking first attempts at paper piecing.

Scraps of fabric,large and small.

Red markers and little girls' hair.

Red markers and little girl dresses.

The innocence and frank honesty of youth. ("I don't like that shirt. It's a little bit disgusting." - Grace)

The Swan Princess: Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

What are your special treasures today?


Linz said...

Captain Chrunch ALL BERRIES cereal.

Hersey's dark chocolate kisses.

And not having a black eye. So sorry about that!!!

Jesse said...

Your blog. minus my oldest sister getting a black eye. I'll hold him upside down extra long next time I see him.


msjvd said...

When I clicked on your blog and it said "Special Treasures" over a pair of fine eyes (however bruised), I thought, "Ah! Exactly my thoughts!"

Other Favorite Special Treasures:

Good haircuts
Waking up clear-headed after a good night's sleep
Homemade butterscotch sauce
Freshly washed, bleached and dryed sheets
"The Young Victoria" (movie)
Fluffy socks and toenail clippers
Strawberry cake

The Yoder's Four said...

Nice, Grace! Madelyn also informed me this week that a shirt I was wearing wasn't cool and that the cookies I baked made her want to throw up.

My treasures are Calmoseptine diaper rash ointment, infant Tylenol and media mail shipping rates.

Anonymous said...

I like your new banner (or is it not so new? Anyway, I like it).

Um, lemme see. I got a bunch of bills and papers sorted. Not enough; it's never enough, but it was progress, if not quite a treasure. My plan now is to give myself a couple of hours to sew, so I guess that will be my treasure if I can make it happen.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to the last hour of the new BBC/PBS "Emma" tomorrow night.

It sounds like with children like yours today, you don't need enemies (which is often true at my house, too).