03 March 2010

Mystery Quilt

I'm working on a mystery quilt with my guild. Pictured above is what I have directions for thus far. I keep having to restrain myself from calling Eve to sneak the next instructions out of her.

February was the month of starting charitable projects, because at church we began making those blue butterfly dresses for little girls up in the upper left corner of the photo. I have finished one and have another ready to sew as soon as I have time. Hopefully March will be the month of finishing charitable projects.

The guild did a tie-off, in which we completed no quilts. I brought one home to bind that we had finished tying there, and I have high hopes for several other ladies who also took things home to finish. The finished quilts will go to our local Dixie Care and Share, which I could almost throw a rock and hit from my front yard, if I were an Olympic rock thrower.


msjvd said...

It's so impressive to me how much enjoyment you get out of this very old-fashioned "art," Jen.

I guess it's more proof-positive that you were born about 150-200 years too late.

As disappointing as that may be to you, I'm so glad you're you. :)

angela michelle said...

sounds pretty productive to me. kudos!

we're going to new harmony this weekend. is that in your neck of the woods?

The Yoder's Four said...

Ooo--how about you donate that quilt to ME as a charitable act? I love the fabric.

And naturally a hike to Emerald Pools would be in order when your computer died. I can dig that.