19 March 2010



Yes, yes, you win already. Congratulations on your mad Limerick skills. I plan on eating a candy bar (Symphony with almond and toffee) in your behalf very soon as per your request. I may share with the children—if they quit being horrible.

Love, Jen

Dear Main Street Quilt Cottage,

Thank you for hosting a giveaway. Please feel free to let me win.


Dear Baby Brother,

Feel free to give your niece the EFY Modesty talk. I have firm conviction that your words will fall on deaf ears and a cold little heart.

Much Affection, Your Naughty Niece's Mother

Dear Alex,

You are more delicious than the super secret chocolate triple layer pie of joy and happiness.

Your wife.

Dear Green Chile Taco Sauce,

Though we were apart for many years, I am glad you are back in my life.

Licking my lips, Rowena

Dear Congressman,

If you vote for that bill, you will lose my vote. I don't care what positions they give your brother. I don't care if there is no one else for me to vote for. I will write in my husband, because he wouldn't vote for things I don't want him to vote for. He does not buy things he cannot afford! So there!

A Concerned Citizen, Who Also Does Not Buy Things She Cannot Afford

Dear Tax Return,

If projections prove accurate, I will be very, very disappointed in you. You will go to your room and think about what you have done for one year.


Dear Broccoli that grew in my very own garden,

I am deeply gratified by your presence in my kitchen. While I plan to eat you, I want you to know how much you have meant to me: A Lot.

With love, One Black Thumb, and One Blackish Greenish Thumb


msjvd said...

Oh. Where's the Love?

If I were a sensitive person, this would almost have hurt my feelings. I only asked because A) I was shocked that my limerick came out decent at all. I've never shown ANY poetic talent before and have no expectation of ever doing so again.

And B) I wanted to ruin the diet that has you looking so darned cute in that polka dot skirt.


Buuaawaaaahhaaaa!!! Nah, you can't hurt my feelings on this. I still won. I still want you to eat that candy bar and share it with Alex and the kiddos. I still think you look so cute in that new skirt!

Marie Says Yes said...

dear jenny,
i will sign your letter to congress. obviously they can't solve the problems of the universe, so i've been trying to do it in their place.

Jesse said...

I like it.

EFY talkin', here I come...

mommy princess said...

Dear Jenny,
You bring much needed humor and sarcasm to my life. If you were an ice cream flavor you'd be chocolate, Because that's my favorite.

P.S. You've been worth your weight in gold on my B.B. days:)