11 March 2010

On Stripping

Me: "I am going to hug and kiss Eve at Quilt Guild tomorrow night!"

Alex: "Maybe just hug?"

Me: "Yes. Maybe."

I was finishing the top of the aloha zig zag quilt last night, when I tried something my friend Eve showed me at guild last month. She said that if you rip fabric parallel to the length, then the rip will be a perfect straight line with the grain of the fabric. I was dubious, but she demonstrated once.

I had to cut four 5" inch strips that were two yards long each. With a rotary cutter, the job would probably have taken twenty minutes or so. However, I snipped and ripped at five inch increments and VIOLA! Three minutes later I was done with perfect 5" strips. For your benefit, I photographed both ends of one two-yard strip.

The strip edges did fuzz up a little, but ironing the edges still took much less time than cutting via rotary cutter would have taken. Amazing.


Angie Lewis said...

I have to say I was a little disappointed after reading that the post was going to be on "stripping." I had something completely different in mind... but thanks for the tip :)

Project Maniac said...

I love discovering little tips like that! They make me happy for most of the day. Congrats on getting the quilt top finished.

msjvd said...

Between this and mire poix, your encyclopedic knowledge of the homemaking arts is continuing at pace!

Soon, you will be ready to Take Over the WORLD!!!!