17 March 2010

A Post, In Limericks

My son wanted my nephew's drink.
Both boys were making a stink.
They punched and they kicked,
They screamed and they licked,
Who won? Nephew's burly. Who d'you think?

Each day I print a princess for Grace
She colors each dress and each face
She says, I like not modest,
I say "Modest is hottest!"
She doesn't care, and I am disgraced.

I spoke to a friend on the phone,
I said, Alex leaves corned beef alone,
She will cook it today,
And I won't, sad to say,
We'll settle for green ice cream cones.

In honor of St. Patrick's day, I declare a limerick-off. Whoever wins will get the respect and admiration of his or her peers. And a favorite candy bar in the mail if the limerick is very, very good.


msjvd said...

I lack a job and I worry,
I want to get re-employed in a hurry.

But job interviews are sparse.
So I sits on my arse.

And hope not to be called to a jury.

That actually turned out better than I thought it would. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day, Jen! And thanks for the motivation!

angela michelle said...

love it.
you are so fun.

Queen Elizabeth said...

How about a haiku?

brain soggy
from too much rain
and kids

(LOVE your limerick.

Jesse said...

If you want I can give Grace the EFY Modesty talk. I'm sure it would be very effective for an almost four year old...