13 April 2010

On the Eve of A New Decade

Here are some questions and concerns I have about my entry into the next decade of my life.

1. Does this mean I need to wear cold cream on my face and eyes at night? Invest in cucumbers? Pink rollers and frumpier housecoats than my navy blue Hawaiian muumuu?

2. Will my feet smell different now? Will my toenails be harder? Should I paint them with a brighter shade of red?

3. Will I have to eat half the calories I have been eating in order to sustain my perch at my current weight loss wall? Maybe I don't want the universe to answer that one.

4. Will people look at me differently now that I am more numerically mature? Will they respect me? Will they ask for my opinion and always take my sage advice? That would be AWESOME. I am going to start telling people what to do right away.

5. Will my eggs be dusty and less likely to produce bright adorable children like the first two, who were born in the bloom of my twenties? (Judging by my baby sisters, and many other younger children for that matter, the late born will in fact be extremely bright and beautiful as well, so take comfort my future spirit babies. Maybe you will even sing or draw like your younger aunties.)

6. Will chocolate taste different? On second thought, I feel certain that chocolate will be there for me through thick and thin, always and forever.

7. Will my voice acquire husky undertones that imply the wisdom of my many years' experience?

I know that thirty is practically the new twenty. But I don't feel twenty anymore. I was in London when I was twenty. The world was my fabric store. And there was a sale. I had no serious, weighty cares, such as, what on the green earth will I feed my children next? Can I truly muster the will to pick up the crayons one more time? Will I really always have to fold ALL of the clothes?

For now, I suppose I will just have to take it one day, one year, and one decade at a time.


Jesse said...

I share in your questioning.
And I think you are just lovely.
Happy Birthday!

My5wmd said...

Having just turned 41 (she cringes a tiny bit to actually see it in writing) I can tell you that things will change. Inexorably. Just as they did throughout your twenties. And it's up to you whether they get better or worse as you age. I try to keep that in mind as I race towards the big 50. Contrary to what our youth-obsessed world has promised, my life is wonderful now, in my forties, as wonderful as it was in my thirties, and my twenties. It's just...different. And although I sometimes wish I knew what was just beyond the horizon of the years, I am pleased to discover that I'm not really dreading it at all.
PS: It is true that chocolate will be your forever friend, a truth tempered a bit by the additional truth that you WILL have to eat fewer calories and exercise more to counter it's soul-pleasing calories. Sorry. You should have a few good years yet, though, before this starts to become evident.

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

Chocolate!! Something you can always count on. I'm nearly the 30 mark myself. It's a bit scary isn't it

Linz said...

Happy Birthday! Don't worry - I have found in my 6 months of being 30 that this decade kicks the 20's booty in a utterly complete and totally awesome way! You'll love it!

Jessi said...

I can't think of a single person I know that liked their 20's better than the 30's.

amy said...

Forget 30, I can't wait to be 65.

This is likely not a surprise.

Marie Says Yes said...

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER, JENNY! You deserve a very marvelous day and year. And remember, if your voice does get a little huskier -- it just adds to your appeal. remember that. and happy, happy day. thanks for being born.

The Yoder's Four said...

Hooray for chocolate, red nail polish and cold cream! I am one year behind you and already worrying about wrinkles, a slower metabolism and dying brain cells. Oh, well.

Happy birthday!!

msjvd said...

Awwww, I'm going to let you boss me around the next time we're in the same place, Jen! haha!

Happy Birthday, JEN!!!

sammygrace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) you are not capable of having anything but adorably cute and smart children no worries. your eggs are still fresh hahaha. i felt awkward saying that just so ya know. :) and chocolate will ALWAYS be there for all of us through thick and thin. i agree whole heartedly.

angela michelle said...

Oh Rowena, you are a joy. Yes to cold cream, red toenails, and eating less. But you're not there yet on dusty eggs and husky voice. I agree w Jessi. And unsolicited bossing is always in order.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Jenny. I love you. I love your sense of humor too. And I hope you're not really too worried. Thanks for turning 30 before me though, that way I can see how to do it gracefully. :)