01 April 2010

Rowena's Theory of Beautician Compatibility

While most mortals (I) don't do well at setting up blind dates, if a hairdresser is involved, it will lead to a long, happy marriage. Alex's grandparents, on his mom and dad's side, like to take credit for arranging his parents' marriage via hair appointment.

Alex's cousin's wife is a beautician, and she and her husband met via blind date. I am hoping that I am right that #1 is the truth on Jill's blog, because that will make three instances, which pretty much guarantees that my theory is correct.

Also, my baby sister may live to prove this theory true, since she cuts hair. Only time will tell.

I wonder if, perhaps, it is the great service beauticians provide for humanity that endows them with this positive romantic karma. Can you imagine what an ugly place the world would be without them?


amyorr said...

I totally agree. I know at least two other friends of mine that are Hairstylist and they also met their guys on a blind date. Go figure.

The Rookie said...

That's a funny little theory. To add fuel to this fire: the roommate's mom owns her own salon. She met the roommate's dad via a "haircut" set up which they both kind of knew about. She says the more hair she removed from his head/face, the more attractive he became.

I'm thinking you're on to something big here.

msjvd said...

I think it's that hairdressers are among the most accomodating, easy to get along with and easy to please people. All those qualities go into making for great relationships. Hairdressers just know how to make people happy and relationships last.

Unless they are BAD hairdressers. And then you just gotta let it grow out.