19 April 2010

Virtual Shop Hop, St. George Area

Mystery Quilt
Above is the mystery quilt so far. I am happy with how my colors are coming out, even though I didn't know what to expect when I picked them.
Hexagon Quilt
I LOVE this hexagon pattern. It came together so quickly. Sadly, the photo above doesn't do the color justice. Imagine it closer to the tones below, which are more accurate (at least on my screen they are.)
Hexagon Back

I've been ironing seams open, and it really helped the bulky centers of the hexagons. Saddie asked where I got my fabrics in my last post, so I thought I'd do a quick run down of fabric shopping in the St. George area.

JoAnn's. I put JoAnn's first because they have a large quantity and variety of fabric, from clothing construction to quilting. They have the best sales and prices, especially if you get on the mailing list and go into the store regularly to use your coupon or have it scanned. You really need to feel the fabric sometimes, though, because the cheap stuff is cheap for a reason. You'll thank yourself later when you are not crying tears of agony while ripping seams out by your teeth because the fabric weave is simply impossible to work with. Our JoAnn's is much better for quilting fabrics than the one I went to in Vegas a few years back. I may have just hit the wrong one.

Next comes the Main Street Quilt Cottage, which is my next favorite because it is located in Hurricane, and I love all three of the owners. They emphasize in fun classes and techniques. They have a basic selection of "the good stuff," which means you will pay $7 to $9+ per yard, though there is a small selection of yardage that is 25% to 40% off.

The other stores I sometimes shop in are, in no particular order, Lazy Daisy Cottage, The Quilted Works, Quilt n Sew, and Scrap Apple Quilts.

Lazy Daisy has a boutique feel. They have fantastic fabric, but the also carry cute gifts and jewelry.

The Quilted Works has a very wide selection of stunning fabrics, as well as a classroom. Sadly for my wallet, this was the store that got me hooked on "the good stuff." They have a selection of bolts that are 50% off, but the variety of sale stuff waxes and wanes. I have never gone there trying to match something and not been able to do so.

Quilt n Sew offers a lot of services such as hemstitching, machine quilting, etc. Their strength of selection lies in their wide variety of adorable flannels.

Scrap Apple Quilts is famous all the way to the coast for their selection of Batiks. You really have to see their store to understand the true beauty that can be Batik. Google's image search for batik brings up a basic idea (along with a bunch of non-batiks), but if you look at Scrap Apple's selection, you might start wanting to actually make something out of the gorgeous stuff there. Scrap Apple also has a good selection of sale (up to around 40% off) and regular fabrics ($7 to $9+).

I know I have probably missed one or two shops, so feel free to mention them in the comments. I am thinking about doing a REAL shop hop with the quilt guild, but the logistics mystify me every time I try to figure the out.


Jessi said...

ooooooh, I want to make a hexagon quilt just like that. Is it hard? Yours is gorgeous.

Linz said...

I LOVE those quilts! Seriously. Everytime I come to your blog I want to kidnap you and force you to give me some lessons!!

The Yoder's Four said...

Our Ace Hardware in Cedar City has some nice (but pricey) fabrics. There is also a little quilt shop called Grannys Quilts. When I finish all my current projects, I'm heading to St. George, though!

Dansie Family said...

love it!

Brittany said...

Wow! You are quilting up a storm! That's awesome! I do love the colors and can't wait to see those quilts in person.