21 May 2010

Conspiracy Theory: Body Images

Alex sent me a link to this article today. It basically says that while men do not give a rat's tail about whether they are looking at a fat body or a skinny body, women, even women with "healthy body images," show concern in MRI's when shown pictures of heavier bodies.

I have several theories about this phenomenon.

1. Men's job has traditionally been to go out and throw a spear at the food. Women then have to take a dead animal or pile of vegetation and make it into something pleasing or preserve it so the family won't starve. We have to feed the food to ourselves and other people. We worry that somewhere along the food line, the woman overfed her family or herself. In olden times, this mismanagement of resources could have lead to starvation. Kind of ironic.

2. We subconsciously know that weight is a heavy burden to carry. I mean, we carry the burden of our emotions every day, and that is a very heavy burden. Why would we want one more thing to carry around in our belabored minds? We already worry about household management, daily food preparation, depression, joy, aging, talents or lack thereof, death, meaning to existence, and things such as "What if that lady who looked at me funny wasn't swallowing bad food but in fact HATES ME FOREVER!?" See? A lot of weighty matters on our minds. Fat is just one more thing. It doesn't mean we are lying about having a good body image.

3. Men probably would have no brain activity if they saw shoes and socks on the floor in the front room, or a few cheerios under the table. But women would. We Care. About EVERYTHING.

Feel free to add your points to this theory. It is still in the development stage, and has not yet been accepted by the academic community.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Could we not have every ounce of the internet to discuss this topic? I don't get it. So, let US have bad body images but could they have SOMETHING?!? Pregnant and super miserable for 9 months (or at least 8)? Slow metabolism? Ability to multi-task? Ability to FIND the thing you told them EXACTLY where it is? ....simply not fair darnit.
So, if "fit" people don't have good body images either, that leaves a lot less motivation to BE fit....

sammygrace said...

im just going to basically re-state what you said. Dito. we care about every little thing, and therefore when we see heavier bodies we want to 'clean them up' by making them thinner or just not as heavy, and although we want that, its not really that easy of a task, therefore, we get worried because we can't 'take care of it' or somehow easily 'make it better' and then we stress and thanks to stress and cortisol we get fatter. its built in us to 'take care of things' and sometimes the whole weight issue is just hard to 'take care of' so we stress. urgh. and even if we do 'take care of it' (P90x) NO ONE has a perfect body, and so we then find something next on the list to take care of, like maybe we want an 8 pack rather than 6, and its just one big huge FAT process....wow thinking about this is no fun. my goal: work out, cuz it feels good, and be happy with the outcome no matter what it is. :) ya? i just rambled on, hope it made sense. maybe i'll win the longest comment award. can i win that? :)

Jesse said...

I'll just say that I love pregnant women. I don't really know if this helps or hinders the theory, but I felt it was relevent.

msjvd said...

Ro... I find it sorta ironic that you obsess about your body so much when you are constantly suggesting to me that I don't need to workout quite so much. I don't obsess over my body. I MAKE IT ACHE. I MAKE IT DRIP WITH SWEAT. I MAKE IT LONG FOR ME TO STOP.

But obsess? Not so much. Muwaaaahaaaahaaaaaaa!!!

The Yoder's Four said...

#3 is so true! It's biologically proven that men just don't see details (i.e. dust, dirty dishes, clutter, flab) as well as women. It will never cease to amaze me how they can effortlessly tune out stuff that drives US crazy.

P.S. I love your little Photoshop illustrations.

Pots and Pins said...

It doesn't matter what we weigh to our husbands...all we have to do is show up...they'll take us thin, medium or fat...but WE, WE have to care, care enough for the both of us because they don't have a clue. And really, isn't it better they are clueless? But I say nothing.