19 May 2010

Next Week

Next week, someone in my family is getting married again.

Next week, I am going to the Casual Bloggers Conference. (Well, half of it, now that I know about the marriage occurring on the first day thereof.)

Next week, I am going to stay at some of my very favorite peoples' house. If we allowed Grace to marry first cousins it would be the house of one of her two fiances as well.

Fiance 1
Fiance 1
Fiance 2
Fiance 2 (So the kids can live by both grandparents, two of whom are sisters)

I would call one "The Brains," and one "The Muscles," but, of course, since they are related to us, they are both unusually bright as well as strong, handsome, and capable.

Sadly, Grace is not allowed to marry first cousins, but we are saving that disappointment to just pile on top of all the other disappointments that make adolescence so enjoyable.

Ladies who are three to four years of age, look out. Though Grace spoke for them, they are still on the market. But not next week. Not for a long, long time.


amy said...

You too chicken to admit you will also be making your own deodorant next weekend? From hippie hemp weeds? Huh? Are ya?

I need to get to emailin'...

Tigger said...

Will you send me that picture of Brycen. It is cute. Sometimes I wonder if you have more pictures of my kids than I do. I guess that comes with being a photographer.

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

Ah well have fun at the part of the conference you get to go to!!

Brittany said...

That's funny. I used to have a major crush on one of my first cousins when I was little. :)