13 May 2010

Peach Daze

The worst thing about Peach Days is that as soon as I know what the challenge is, I get all excited about it. I make the challenge quilt, and then I am torn for a long time about posting a picture of it on my blog in an attempt to recruit voters at the event.

What if super secret quilt guild spies are waiting, watching, to steal my brilliant idea but execute it with more skill and panache? For now, I will link to last year's here.

The challenge this year is to use a specific fabric that is all peaches, and the theme was Peach Days. I am most pleased with this quilt of all three challenge quilts so far. I think it is because it is almost a self-portrait. Sadly, I still can't decide about posting a picture, and Alex is helping me postpone the decision by having a conference call in the room where the card reader is stashed.


Dansie Family said...

show us.

Dansie Family said...

love it! and if we are in town i will vote for it.

amy said...

I'm with Dansie Family. Show it! I promise not to copy you.

msjvd said...

I've seen it. It's wonderful.

Of course, if I had known that you were depicting yourself, I might not have made those comments about what gruesomely hairy legs that person on the quilt project had!!!