02 June 2010

Casual Blogger Conference (Finally)

My conference experience was limited due to other exciting events on Friday, but I have a great list of blogs to check out which I gleaned there. Feel free to tack on an "if I remember correctly" to the end of every sentence in this post, because it was a very busy weekend (if I remember correctly).

Crafting Chicks. I am not a crafter, though I do love to sew. However, there are quite a few fun ideas over there for you compulsive crafters. (Ahem. Melissa.)

Ryley, who I think I sat by at the Faith Blogging Lunch thing? She has an etsy shop, too.

I met Sarah Perkins, an editor for Ladies Learn, which is an online magazine with recipes, tutorials, photography, and health and fitness. She gave me a cute pink reusable grocery bag. Awesome. Other stuff I received: softlips chapstick, and a spray specifically designed for use after changing a stinky diaper, among many other clever things.

I saw the purse at the top of this page, by Maggie Whitley, and complimented the cuteness thereof. And this girl whipped out a card for the site quick as a wink. I didn't think about bringing business cards until I was driving up there. I guess I'm just more of a casual blogger. Ha ha!

I sat by Melissa Haak, of Peanut Butter in my Hair, in some class or other, and she didn't have peanut butter in her hair, but she was very nice and contributed some good advice.

I met Melissa, who I have followed and enjoyed for a long time, and who was so official as to have an actual booth (probably business cards, too, if I'd looked). She was delightful in person just as she is on her blog. She and her mom create visual aids for the artistically challenged, like myself.

Loved the Blogging Zen panel. I went because Marta is my friend's sister-in-law, and I was not disappointed. All three panelists (Marta, Susan, & Destri) gave great tips on organization, priorities, etc. A favorite quote was from Marta: "Be yourself. Have a life."

Kristina and Jessica totally cracked me up. Kristina wore a pink snuggie with a large green rhinestone bedazzled CBC logo on it. They were both on the finding your voice panel, and I loved everything they (and MommyJ and Inkmom) had to say. A favorite quote from the panel was when Jessica said, regarding quality comments, "Can anyone ever tell you you're pretty too many times?" No they cannot. And yes, that is how I feel about a quality comment, too. Thank you for putting it so eloquently!

I sat by Gabby,lovely fellow quilter in the "Make your Blog a Work of Art" class by Julie MacDonald, of LeeLou Blogs and April Durham of April Showers Blog Design. That was a great class, and I am already trying to apply some of the things I picked up. Did you know that blue is the least appetizing color? I didn't either.

My last class was AP Photography with Veronica Reeve; she had great tips and let us ask questions, too. My favorite tips were:

* Read your camera manual frequently.

* Use your histogram and learn how to read it. (Flesh tones are on the right side, the third of the four quarters from the left-ish)

* Mpix is a good printer. They are a division of Miller's Professional Imaging, who only print for people with a business license.

* Learn how to nail your exposure. Then you won't worry about white balance so much.

* Creativity is a muscle. Exercise it to improve.

Whew. I have reported. In short, the Casual Blogger Conference was awesome. It was a great place for me, the crossover misfit mommy blogger, to have a good time and learn new things.


The Yoder's Four said...

Oooohh, Jen. Great. Now I have another ten blogs to follow. Thanks for the shout-out!

I need some of that stinky baby butt spray!

Melissa Bastow said...

I love being on other people's lists!

I had to miss some of the classes on saturday, which was tragic. I seriously needed to go to the AP photography one. Or I could just read my camera manual.....someday.

msjvd said...

Awwwwwwww, Rowena, you're the COOLEST!

Cory Reese said...

I use mpix.com for all my pictures. The prints on their metalic paper are AMAZING and not much more expensive than regular paper.

My5wmd said...

The only things you reported that I had previous knowledge of were these: "Be yourself. Have a life," which is a great quote, but one that I think you already knew; and that blue is the least appetizing color. I heard somewhere that if you want to eat less, you should paint your dining room blue. Interesting. I think blue is gorgeous, though, esp. if I'm not planning on eating. Have fun incorporating.