14 June 2010

Reception Highlights

The line was long. The wind was strong.

Dancing Niece
A very happy child. Also, a very cute child.

The Hottest Drummer Ever
I like to call this picture, The Hottest Drummer Ever.

Awesome Musicians
The music was excellent.

A lot of pretty awesome dancing also took place.

Sunset over the line
The wind was really horrible, but the sunset was really not.


Linz said...

Cool! Looks like a great (even with wind) wedding! Congrats!

Project Maniac said...

Sounds like there was a lot of wind. I commiserate with you. Wind is horrible, we get a lot of it around it. A lot and all at once, not in nice small bursts.

msjvd said...

That is some really excellent looking photography, Jenny! Seriously, you took a couple of leaps forward in this stuff. I'm not sure what the difference was, but... wow!

Um, and the drummer was having a really good hair day, from where I could see.

Anonymous said...

So, apparently I hadn't caught up on your blog since April! I shouldn't be surprised since life does seem to occasionally get in the way of more important things like reading others' blogs. Anyway, I'm all caught up now and enjoyed the quilts and the cute kids and the humor.

But I am sad that looking at my generous figure causes other women stress (at least in an MRI).