01 June 2010

How to Eat or Shred or Consume a Coconut

So, you got a coconut from your Bountiful Basket and it is still sitting on the counter two weeks later. Have no fear. Rowena is here.

Coconut Eating Tips

Large Knife
Protective Goggles
Good Vegetable Peeler

1. Pierce two or three of the holes with the hammer.

2. Drain coconut water into cup by placing coconut with open holes down.

3. When the coconut is drained, hammer the lines on the side of the coconut until it breaks apart. VERY CAREFULLY use a wide knife to pry the flesh away from the pieces of hard shell. Gently place the knife tip between the shell and flesh, then shimmy the knife a little. The flesh will have a brown skin which comes off with a good vegetable peeler.

I then shred it by using the vegetable peeler on the sides.

Shredded, Bagged Coconut

I bagged and froze it after I placed some in that yummy quinoa salad. It can also be toasted for granola, or whatever else flips your skirt. I haven't tried steaming it to put in a stir fry or curry, but if you do, tell me how that turns out. Pina Colada. There is an idea. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

More on CBC soon. I started writing about it, but there was a lot to say, so I'm figuring out how to break that up.


Dansie Family said...

i blogged about it last year too. also if you put in 350 oven for 20 minutes it makes the skin come off more easily. and i use my kitchen aid shredder to finely grate it. and i made really yummy coconut pancakes and shrimp rolls with it. i need to make your granola with it. and i loved your quinoa.

msjvd said...

I should like some of that granola, please?

Also, I think the coconut holes would be more easily opened directing a hammer to pound on the blunt end of a screw driver, while the business end is intently placed at the holes.

Or in my case, by getting out my power drill. I wonder if I can use it to get the rest of the coconut out of that shell? Mmmmm! I love that idea!

Jenny, you are very fun!

Amy said...

Don't forget coconut ice cream. Which I have found a much better recipe for, I will have to send it your way!